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Thanks for Sharing, a Movie

And now, we need to go and take a deep look into this movie, Thanks For Sharing . Yeah, I had to grab my keyboard and sit in front of my iPad and start typing while the memory of the movie is still fresh in my mind. Sex Addiction How can anything like Sex Addiction even exist? It has got to be a pathology, psycho or physiological, but there is no way it can be anything normal . And if it is such—a pathology—it has to be something culturally induced. Human brains are incredibly complicated; they will make their bearers chase that which might seem scarce at any one time in their existence. If it was food, then they would go after food like crazy, even after their stomachs were totally full. But the human body does develop itches; I mean, if you start using tobacco with too much frequency, you will get hooked into it; your body will have adopted it and will make you crave for it. Then you will start a fight with yourself to end the habit or the addiction to nicotine. Alcohol makes peop